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  Guest Information

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  4. City,Country

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  We are checking  reservation inquiries  9 AM to Midnight.
  If you did not received our reply, please check SPAM Mail box.
  If you use  Hotmail / Yahoo Mail , Check SPAM Mail Box...

  Reservation Information

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  TravelersA  Hostel   arrival  time.






   < NOTICE  >

     Check-IN     :   14:00 ~ 24:00 ( official time )
     Early check-in  :  if there is any available room,
                                       the Early check-in  will be available from 08:00  in the morning.

      Check-Out  :  11:00   ( Free Baggage Keeping Service Available for max.48 Hours )

        Maxium stay :
        continuous 10 nights  per person.

        No Refund :
         after check-in,  no refund in any reason.

   < Cancelation >

   1. If you need to cancel  your booking,
        Please email us. Only email cancelation is acceptible. 

   2.Very important:
      If you notice that you are arriving later than  the time  mentioned on your  confirmation,
      you must contact the hostel to let  them know.
      Otherwise your booking  will be cancelled  after 1 hour following your arrival time.

      The phone number must be correct  and   it must be contactable to you directy.
      When we need to contact you to check something about the reservation,
      we will call to the number,
      if  no-answer ,  wrong number,  even no-signal,   the reservation will be canceled
      immediately  without notification.


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